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The kids loved using the Griffith University STEAM learning facility. Thanks to Griffith University for helping our students to develop their creative, problem solving skills. Please stop by and say hello to our School Principal David Costin, staff and families at...

Preppy Progress & Literacy News

Hello Preppie Parents,
Just to fill you in on our learning so far ……………… Last week we looked at the ‘s’ sound. Although children at this stage are able to identify most letters of the alphabet, the next step is to learn the sound for each “sound picture” or letter. We have been trying to identify where sounds occur in words, ie., beginning, middle, end.

String Fever

Yarranlea students had their very first string lessons today! They are very excited. Our school has decided to teach every student in the school how to play a musical instrument. This service is free to everyone. Students can learn to play the ukelele, piano, guitar,...

Microscope Mania

Tuesday saw the students return to the science laboratory for lots of fun with Dr Harry. There were microscopes available for us all to use. The students had asked to study micro-organisms and mini-beasts during our planning days at the end of last year. Learning to...

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