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The Yarranlea Primary School Parents and Friends (P&F) Committee

The Yarranlea P&F committee is a group of parents and friends who assist in supporting the school to enhance our children’s education and experience.

Parent engagement (Parents as Partners) in education is about families, school and community working in partnership to ensure positive educational, emotional and social outcomes for children.

Learning is not limited to the classroom. The beliefs, expectations and experience of parents are powerful determinants in students’ achievement. Effective partnerships can help to raise parents’ awareness of their ability to improve their children’s learning and well-being. Understanding the school, home and community contribution to student learning helps cultivate a holistic learning environment.

Your Yarranlea P&F Committee for 2020

President: Troy Radloff (PandF.President@yarranlea.qld.edu.au)  

Vice President: Vacant

Secretary: Amy Hawkes (PandF.Secretary@yarranlea.qld.edu.au)

Treasurer: Donna-Maree Ware (PandF.Treasurer@yarranlea.qld.edua.au)

What are the P&F’s goals?

The Yarranlea P&F Committee works in productive partnership with the principal and the community to promote the interests of the school, and facilitate its development and further improvement, to achieve the best possible outcomes for students.

The P&F committee’s main aim is to:
— Provide feedback and advice on school policies and activities.
— Assist in providing resources to enhance student learning and improve the school environment (often by raising funds).
— Provide opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s education and the broader school community.

Should I join the Yarranlea P&F?

The P&F committee membership is open to any adult who wants to contribute to the school, including the parents of children attending the school, the school’s teachers and staff, and interested people in the wider community.

Joining the Yarranlea P&F is a way of:
— Keeping informed about school activities and participating in school events
— Contributing to decision making, including the allocation of funds
— Improving your child’s success at school by being engaged in their education and creating the strong sense of community
— Directly assisting in helping to keep the out of pocket costs low for school families

If you want to contribute to decision making, then join and have a say in your child’s education. When deciding to allocate funding, the P&F committee needs 5 members to vote.

Join our committee using the form below.

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