Executive Committee members: These four positions form the Executive Committee:


  • Provide leadership to the P&F committee
  • Chair all official meetings that he/she attends.
  • Nominate an alternative chair if he/she is unable to attend.
  • Confirm the quorum for a meeting to proceed.
  • Supervise and administer the voting at all meetings.
  • Key liaison with school directors
  • Assigns lead responsibility to committee members for key priorities and/or projects.

Vice President

  • Supports the President and stands in for President to chair meetings if required.
  • responsible for assisting the President to fulfil his/her responsibilities for the governance and success of the P&F Committee
  • Chairs some subcommittees in which to assist the P& F President


  • Take and keep minutes of committee, general and annual meetings.
  • Keep the register of members.
  • Take nominations for the management committee.
  • Provide appropriate notice to members for meetings.
  • Prepare the agenda.
  • Coordinate any correspondence or reports to be presented at meetings.
  • Circulate the minutes of meetings to members.


  • Responsible for the budget, financial statements and auditing, and reporting to the monthly committee meeting.
  • Approving payment of invoices
  • Works closely with Administration Officer.
  • Ensure that all payments are approved or ratified by the management committee and that they are recorded in the minutes

Key Management Committee Positions

In addition to the Executive Committee positions, there are a number of key management committee positions:

Fundraising Coordinator (assisted by a sub-committee) 

  • Prepare an annual plan for fundraising events, e.g. Bunnings Sausage Sizzle.
  • Organises and promotes fundraising events, with the assistance of the fund-raising sub-committee
  • Attends monthly P and F Committee meetings
  • Chair sub-committee meetings as necessary.

Grants Coordinator (assisted by a sub-committee)

  • Research available grants and write proposals.
  • Identify with the Principal in important projects to secure grant funding
  • Provides feedback to P and F Committee and staff about the grant applications.

Maintenance Officer (assisted by a sub-committee) 

  • Responsible for coordinating and organising working bees and general maintenance rosters throughout the year.
  • Responsible for providing advice on maintenance issues.

General Members and support people

Some of the positions above require additional support in getting the job done. Applying for grants, coordinating fundraising, maintenance and, managing various projects all require a team effort. You can join the Committee as a general member.

You can also be involved with the work of the Committee as a support person without being a member of the Committee and attending regular monthly meetings. Please don’t hesitate to contact me on the below details to find out more about the roles or how you can contribute.