What is a P&F Meeting?

The meetings usually take the below format and last around 1 hour.

General Meetings (other than Annual General Meetings)

General meetings of the Committee will be held as the Committee decides (usually held once each month) but a meeting of the Committee must be held at least three times per semester.

No business of a general meeting will be conducted unless a quorum of members is present. A member may place an item of business on the agenda for a general meeting by notifying the Secretary prior to the meeting.

The order of business at a general meeting is as follows:

  1. Apologies
  2. Confirmation of the minutes of the previous general meeting
  3. Business arising from the minutes of the previous general meeting
  4. Correspondence received since the previous general meeting- inward and outward
  5. Business arising from the correspondence
  6. Table Executive decisions (if any)
  7. Principal’s report
  8. Treasurer’s report and financial statement, and any business arising from treasurer’s report and financial statement
  9. Subcommittee reports
  10. General business

Agenda of Annual General Meeting

The business to be transacted at every Annual General Meeting shall include:

  • Acceptance of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.
  • Business arising from the minutes.
  • President’s Report.
  • Principal’s Report.
  • Financial Reports of the accounts of the Committee for the preceding financial year.
  • The election of Members of the Executive.
  • The appointment of Sub-Committees.
  • Review and distribution of Parental Code of Conduct.