P&F Fund Allocation

In an effort to keep school fees and the costs to families low, the P&F Committee are directly committed to funding the following:
— Wynnum Environmental Excursion & Boat Trip
— Yoga classes in Term 3
— Student textbooks
— Jointly funded Canberra Trip with the School in 2018.
— Community evening BBQ (Funded BBQ)

— The P&F won a BCC $50,000 grant for the school’s bathroom refurbishment, which allowed the school to directly fund the oval upgrade.

Some of the community events and fundraisers that the P&F have been evolved in include:
— School Working Bee’s to tidy up the grounds
— Chocolate drive
— Community nights (Halloween Disco-Scary Dance, Science Fair and exhibition)
— Easter raffle
— Griffith Open Day cake stall
— Christmas raffle
— School Calendar