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Parents and Friends (P&F) Committee

Yarranlea Primary School encourages parent engagement (Parents as Partners) in education, which focuses on families, the school and the community working in partnership to ensure positive educational, emotional and social outcomes for children.

The Yarranlea P&F committee is a group of parents and friends who aim to support and improve our school by engaging with and enhancing our children’s educational experience.

Everyone in the wider school community is invited to be a part of the P&F, at any time, to share ideas, and improve our little school.

The P&F’s goals

The Yarranlea P&F committee works in partnership with the Principal and the community to facilitate the development of the school and to achieve the best possible outcomes for students.

The P&F committee aims to:

  • provide feedback and advice on school policies and activities
  • assist in providing resources to enhance student learning and improve the school environment (often by raising funds)
  • provide opportunities for parents to be involved in shaping their child’s education 

Current P&F executive team

Vice President

Briann Simmons
Troy Radloff
Rowena Wilson
Position currently vacant


These positions will be vacated on 25 March 2020 and an executive team will be voted on for 2020. Anyone is welcome to volunteer. Position summaries are on the school website or ask a current team member.

Who can be a part of the P&F committee?

Anyone who wants to enhance the school, including the parents of children attending the school and the school’s teachers and staff, can be a part of the P&F committee.  Come along to a P&F meeting and have a say in your child’s education.  

Engaging with the P&F committee is a way of:

  • keeping informed about school activities and participating in school events;
  • contributing to decision making, including the allocation of funds;
  • improving your child’s success at school, by being engaged in their education and creating the strong sense of community; and 
  • directly assisting in helping to keep the out of pocket costs low for school families, e.g. by contributing to excursion costs.

2020 P&F Meeting Dates

P&F meetings are held on Wednesday nights at 6pm and usually last 1 hour. If you can’t attend a meeting in person, you can still contribute by emailing your contribution to the Secretary ahead of the meeting date.

Key agenda items
25 March 2020 Plan Community Night, Elect P&F executive positions for 2020
13 May 2020 Plan Working Bee
17 June 2020 Plan Community Night
15 July 2020 Plan Working Bee
12 August 2020 Plan Open Day
16 Sept 2020 Plan Canberra trip budget
14 October 2020 Plan Community Night
18 Nov 2020 Christmas ticket distribution, P&F executive vacancy election


2020 Community Events

Yarranlea Primary School plans to hold the following community events in 2020. Please read the school newsletters in case dates change.

12 Feb 2020 Parent Induction Night -Meet the teachers and P&F introduction
2 April 2020 Community Night
23 May 2020 Working Bee
19 June 2020 Community Night
25 July 2020 Working Bee
16 August 2020 Griffith Open Day (cake stall)
30 October 2020 Community Night – Scary Dance
7-10 December 2020 TDB School Concert


Planned fundraising in 2020

In 2020, the P&F committee plans to raise funds through community events and fundraisers. Further details will be provided in the school newsletter and other communications.  

  • Chocolate drive (starting on 2 April 2020)
  • Easter raffle (starting on 18 March 2020, drawn 3 April 2020)
  • Griffith Open day cake stall (18 August 2020) Bunning BBQ (Date TBD)
  • School Calendar (November 2020)
  • Christmas raffle (starting November 2020, drawn 7-10 December)
  • YOUR FUNDRAISING IDEA HERE! All new ideas are welcome. 

P&F funds allocation in 2019

  • In 2019, the P&F committee allocated the following funds, helping to keep the costs to families low
    Community Evening BBQs (Halloween Scary Dance, Science Fair and Exhibition)
  • Wynnum Environmental Excursion & Boat Trip (Funded $ 200)
  • Yoga Classes in Term 3 (Funded $600)
  • Student Textbooks
  • Jointly funded Canberra Trip with the school in 2018, reduced the costs to parents to $600


  • The P&F successfully applied for a $50,000 Access and Inclusion Community Partnership Program grant from Brisbane City Council, which funded the school’s bathroom refurbishment.